PLAZA – Camille Jodoin-Eng

at Gladstone Art Hut, 1181 Queen St West, Toronto.

Opening Reception: Thursday Feb 23rd, 7-10pm (RSVP)
Exhibition Dates: February 24 & 25, 2017 (12-5pm)


Camille Jodoin-Eng, ‘Myths’, 6″x9″x2″, plastic

An ancient stone courtyard contains the nerve core of Electri-City. Echoing archways and a mirrored staircase guide busy bodies around the Plaza, weaving through its glowing tower and bubbling fountain. The bodies act like visceral organs inside an architectural skeleton- swept up by currents of electricity, oxygen and water. This psychic space stretches beyond its physical constraints, inverting and reflecting itself into infinitude.


The staircase rests on a tiled mirror floor, creating a second set of stairs: inverted, descending. Physical and psychological space are fluid at the Plaza. Its sturdy architecture houses an imagined visual language of symbols. A wordless language born from intuition, emotion, and instinct.

When words fail, other ways to emote emerge. Intuitively new patterns are recognized to bridge universal experience and personal reality. Understanding is grasped through perspective and representation. Instinctively, patterns are named and organized- as power cannot be held over that which is nameless.

Camille Jodoin-Eng is visual artist born and based in Toronto. Her work engages the spatial and sensory properties of light to unfold abstract concepts of expanding space. Jodoin-Eng’s work is a channel through which to perceive and understand universal systems. She creates optic instruments from industrial materials that interpret the interplay of physical and psychological space through a growing visual language of personal symbols and forms. Jodoin-Eng has exhibited throughout Ontario and Quebec, completed several commissioned installations and recently had her first solo exhibition, Athenaeum, at Project Gallery in Toronto. She completed her BFA at OCAD University in 2014, and is currently represented by Art Works Consulting.