The most beautiful mural in USA

As I say many times – I really love street art, especially murals. And I like to travel very much too. During planning my journey I am trying to find the most beautiful artworks on my road. So – my travel to the USA also includes a lot of murals and another examples of street art. Now I would like to tell you about these days.

At the beginning I must say: it is very important to get the formalities out the way. We almost forgot about ESTA - learn more:, because in EU we can travel without passports or even border control. But luckily, my mum asked me about visa a week before our flight. And that was OK because we need only 72 hours to complete the formalities, more information, and we could fly without any troubles.

But, I must come to the point. Most time we spent in New York. Wow, it was amazing. We prepared a special route to see as many mural as it is possible. The most important for us was Bankys’s mural “Hammer Boy” (I really appreciate Banky’s art) but we would like to see “Bronx Wall of Fame” and “2 World Trade Center”. My girl, whose grandmother was from Poland, needed to watch The Warsaw Uprising Mural in GreenPoint. The last of the most important mural for us was “Crack Is Wack” in Harlem. Of course, we saw also another street art works – it was very, very long walk.

We also visited Asheville (North Carolina) and Austin (Texas) – I have some cousins in these cities.  They told me about a few interesting murals but I didn’t believe them. I thought the best things we can find only in the famous places. But I was really wrong! Janis Joplin in Austin was totally amazing! And the murals at Drifter Jack’s Hostel – wow, I fell in love in one second. In Asheville I was delighted with “Bower Power” and characters from “Big Lebowsky”.

So, now I hope I can repeat my USA travel. I believe there are millions of interesting murals and I need to see them all.