About me

I am a street artist. But don’t worry: my art is legal. Different people and organisations pay to me and I paint big murals for them. I am also a graduate of the School of Arts, and I am interested in history of arts. Especially I find fascinating how today’s artists use the masterpieces of the past in their creative activities. It is like the second life for this masterpieces, a lot of new meanings and interpretations. I would like to share with you this amazing creations and also a classics masterpieces. I am going to talk to you about the mural creation process. Murals and also interior wall paintings (maybe it will be some inspiration for refreshing your living room?).

I believe today’s world need some artistic education. People are running and running around for the money, and they don’t see the beauty what can be easy to see around us. We need to stop and let us to admire the beauty what give us form the street artists. And maybe then could we make the world a better place?

With love,