Did you hear about Banksy?

I believe there is no person who would answer “no”. I think he is one of the most known street artist ever. And his fame results from controversial art but also from his mysterious identity: we still don’t know who Banksy really is.

What do we know about him? He is a street artist who paints graffiti, arranges installations and also plays performances (like spreading of banknotes with princess Diana and inscription “Banksy of England” during Notting Hill Carnival in 2004). In his works Banksy sometimes refers to classics masterpieces like for example “Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper. He used this painting to adding some elements: mainly the man in British flag pants who break a window. And as I said: I really appreciate things like this.

His arts sometimes looks illegal (OK, sometimes IS illegal – he breaks in museums, for example) but he uses it to talk about the most important things. With help of his works Banksy talks about evil and suffering which are result of wars and capitalism. He defends the weakest who have not possibilities to talk by themselves to be listened.

I think we need artists like Banksy. Artist who wasn’t afraid to talk about evil and suffering from today’s world. Who will scream and call on justice and changes. We really need them.