The most beautiful murals in Poland

Last year I and my girlfriend spent summer in Europe. Her family come from Poland so this country was an important stop in our trip. We stopped in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow and Gdansk. And – of course – we saw some of the polish murals. I choose three I find the most beautiful.

3. Wanda Rutkiewicz in Wroclaw

This is favourite mural of my girlfriend. She’s interested in feminism issues and also in mountaineering. Wanda Rutkiewicz was polish mountain climber, and she was the first woman on top of K2 ever and the first Pole on Mount Everest. She died on Kanchenjunga. Now she is also an icon of polish feminism. We can find her face on mural in Wroclaw with sentence: “Women know what they do”. There are more murals with this sentence and with different important women in whole Poland. This one is project by Marta Frej, polish graphic and illustrator, and painting by RedSheels.

2. David Bowie in Warsaw

Everyone know who David Bowie was. They know him also in Warsaw, Poland. Dawid Celek, polish artist, projected mural and placed on it David Bowie with lightning and as well... Palace of Culture and Science what is controversial symbol of Warsaw. This combination sounds strange but in fact looks very good. Really.

1. Kora in Warsaw

This is my favourite. Polish artist painted one of the most famous polish singer on the wall and used as well... a tree. Yes, chestnut tree is an element of this mural. It changes by the seasons and every time you look at Kora – she looks different. This idea by Bruno Althamer is really amazing. I l saw the mural in summer and now I can’t stop to wonder how it looks in other seasons.

It was hard to chose only three murals. In polish cities we often ran into a extraordinary wall painting. And very often it wasn’t only a painting. It was also an idea or memories. Something wonderful.